Autism Support Training

Autism Awareness Training

Our training will help you:

Understand what autism is and be able to recognise possible traits of autism

Understand what is meant by the autistic spectrum

Recognise how people with autism view the world and process information

Understand how to minimise the anxiety of the person with autism

Learn practical, specific strategies to use when supporting someone with autism

Sensory Processing Disorder

This course includes an introduction to the significance of sensory issues in the context of autism spectrum disorders. It will look at the definitions of concepts and terminology including sensory processing, sensory modulation, sensory overload and hyper-and hyposensitivity. There will be an overview of sensory sensitivities encountered in people with autism and how sensitivities are experienced or manifest themselves differently within each individual.

Course aims:

To develop an understanding of how the senses function and to develop an awareness of our own sensory profile. The course aims to explore a wide range of sensory difficulties and differences associated with autism and their impact on the individual and will get participants to consider ways of minimising the impact of these sensory issues and creating more autism-friendly environments.
Course Benefits:

Gain an overview of how the senses function

Broaden your knowledge on the range of sensory issues associated with autism

Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of sensory difficulties and differences on the daily lives of people with autism

Broaden practical knowledge for adapting sensory environments to the needs of people with autism

Be better equipped with tools and coping strategies to help people with autism manage their sensory difficulties.

Zones of Regulation

Learn to teach the children of your school about their sensory and emotional state. Giving tools to help navigate social and sensory challenges, helping children to become flexible thinkers and more understanding of others. AIW is not an official trainer for the Zones of Regulation, this course is designed to be an introduction to a fantastic resource that is available. 

Course aims:

Provide you with an understanding of the Zones of Regulation. Provide guidance on how to effectively support children to self regulate

Give you ideas as to how best self-regulate depending upon the zone

Provide you with the confidence to implement the Zones of Regulation throughout your school, and introduce it as a part of everyday life.

Course benefits:

Give children confidence to recognise their emotions and those in others, reducing playground conflict.

Learn how to reduce behaviours caused by frustration.

The art of inclusive learning in school

Learn to help children with SEN engage and feel confident in learning. Using effective use of positive reinforcement to reduce unwanted behaviours and increase desired ones.

Course aims:

Challenge typical thinking on what being inclusive means

Explore ways to make your school more inclusive. Provide effective solutions to aid inclusive learning

Show how to record all progress no matter how small

Course benefits:

Reduce teacher stress by providing proven strategies to gain engagement to learning.

Learn strategies to simply meet learning objectives.

Gain confidence in your own ability to meet the educational needs of SEN students.

Be able to meet Ofsted requirements of showing that every child can make progress.


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