Cheryl’s approach is child centred, holistic incredibly effective and above all achievable for busy teachers. Now that Cheryl is sharing her expertise more widely as AIW Consultancy, we are continuing to benefit by buying back her services. By doing this we ensure that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our ASD children ,keep our training up to date and have Cheryl on hand to advise and support us. Cheryl has also been instrumental in completing vital paperwork to submit alongside EHCP requests. She has designed a system that has enabled us to show and track the small steps of progress made by some of our SEND children. Her Wellbeing sessions are really popular and well attended. Cheryl has led drop in sessions for parents and has been able to offer them advice and guidance. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Cheryl. She is eternally positive and radiates a sense of calm and wellbeing. She genuinely cares about the inclusion of children with SEND and she will help you to realise that small changes can have a massive impact. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Feel free to contact me at school if you want to talk further about AIW Consultancy before making a booking

Tara Trail

Senior Deputy Headteacher, Middleton Primary School

Cheryl is more than another person with resources or experience, undoubtedly she has these and much more, but what makes her stand out is a special understanding and appreciation of a deeper level of the individual with autism. Our son was diagnosed with nonverbal severe low functioning autism, he struggled to communicate his needs and frustrations, he lacked the ability to sit and focus long enough to learn, and he played but always alone. At the time we heard of ABA Therapy and we hired Cheryl because of her good references and wonderful disposition. Immediately Luke reacted to her, and through positive reinforcement and other methods, she opened up a world for us as a family. We now consider Cheryl part of our family, we share all of Luke’s accomplishments with her, and we are grateful for the immense gift of fun, laughter, patience, communication and understanding both Luke and we have learned. This is why we confidently and wholeheartedly recommend her.

Emrys and Peggy Ryan

My daughter and I done Relax sessions with Cheryl and the change in our relationship is amazing my daughter’s behaviour is so so much better and her anger outburst are maybe once or twice a month now instead of 3/4x a week & they are so much more able to control. I found I have patience and understanding which I never had before which didn’t help our situation. Wish I found this amazing lady much earlier I would recommend Cheryl and her services to any one just amazing, very understanding lady xxx

Jolana Ochocova

I have worked with Cheryl for a number of years and have been thouroughly supported in how best to help ASD children in a mainstream setting. Over the years, we have worked together with several ASD children, all with very different needs. Cheryl has shown me strategies for tailoring resouces and the classroom environment to be more ASD friendly and has helped me adapt planning and provide tailored interventions. She remains positive whatever the situation and I have greatly benefitted from working with her.

Ali Potter

Class teacher

I attended a Time Out for adults session today.
Cheryl had put together an amazing session.
I learnt some great and quick techniques for remaining calm. I really enjoyed the mindful session and the personal affirmations.

Kellie Nichols

Cheryl has given me invaluable support with autistic children in my Year 1 class. She also taught several Confident kids sessions and all the children benefitted from both the calming and fun activities. Highly recommended!

Natalie Morley

We found Cheryl to be highly knowledgeable, and having a great connection with our boys. She was instrumental in helping calm them and getting them used to ABA. We are extremely happy with her help and advice.

Damayanthi Palety

Cheryl’s knowledge and understanding has been invaluable for myself and my family. I have 3 children age 17,12 and 10 she has always listened and given advice and strategies. In particular helping with my 10yr old , helping with filling in DLA forms and attending meetings at school being my advocate. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She just gets it and genuinely cares. Amazing lady.

Louise Curley

Cheryl offers practical advice based on the individual, rather than the diagnosis. She is an expert in her field and offers solutions that are not obvious.

Lucy Wyatt

Cheryl is a great source of knowledge. She helped me understand that every child is different, what triggers to look out for, how to simplify instructions, how to engage children in activities. In fact give me the confidence to put all this into practice every day at school. Her ideas change the way you think and work. Keep it up Cheryl it really works!

Anita Bancroft

Cheryl really relates with our son and gets the best out of him, she also helped with ensuring we knew what assistance we were entitled to and how to go about getting it. I would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone with a SEN child.

Chris Morris

Cheryl was very helpful when we received a DLA application for our son. She helped us write a letter about the extra support our son needed and helped word the DLA application. I would highly recommend her.

Nikki Hanshaw

This lady has helped our autistic son since he was 4 years old he is now 11 and she is still helping our family!

Kerry Sheehan

Cheryl has been there in hours of need, offering absolutely invaluable support for us, our son and his school when we have truly needed dedicated support. Chezzy offers a tailored support system which is programmed for your child not matter where they are on the spectrum. Knowing you are there for us means so much, thank you!!

Adam Bellinger


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