Hiya, my name is Fay and I’m 15 years old. My fave colour is actually now blue, I like food – a lot (cake any day!). Oh and I STILL have autism! So a common misconception of ASD is that there’s a cure, suddenly a miracle company can invent some magical drug to make autism non existent…. .yay?

Sure, that might be great for some aspects, like struggling with anxiety or sensory processing issues, but that’s not reality. Anyone with an anxiety disorder or ASD will rightly say it’s about learning tools and techniques in order to overcome challenges and struggles – you can not simply cure or grow out of autism. Besides, even if you could, ASD is part of my identity, as sappy and emotional as it sounds. It’s who I am and I would never let any ‘cure’ change that.

Anyway, back to my main rant, AGE DOESN’T CHANGE AUTISM… just NO!

I am no longer the girl that screams and cries at sudden change in routine, no longer do I have panic attacks before school, I am no longer afraid of my own shadow. However just because I’m not blatantly showing you this behaviour doesn’t mean it’s gone, my anxiety never left me, nor has ASD. I have just learnt how to regulate my emotions in a more effective way – or I still sometimes mask my feelings.


But it’s not something to fear, this post is therapeutic in a sense as I sometimes need to remind myself – ‘you know what Fay, you’re alright’. I still struggle a lot, even when it doesn’t appear in that sense. Autism is a journey but it’s a rewarding one.

So please don’t assume that just because I seem ‘normal’ (urgh, I hate that word), that something else isn’t going on inside my head. It’s still hard, it always will be a challenge, but I’m ready for it. Autism doesn’t vanish with age, but with a strong support system, routine and reassurance you can learn better skills to help cope in order to become the best version of yourself.

Well, that’s all folks.

Thanks for reading,