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An exclusive VIP Membership area:

Would you like your child to be able to express their emotions in a better way? 

Would you like to be able to communicate more effectively with your child?

Is your child quick to cry or anger? 

Do you become frustrated that you cannot say “come on lets go” and just leave the house?

Do you find yourself losing friendships, struggling to make new friends or keep a loving relationship going, due to others not understanding your child?

Would you like to be more confident in managing your childs anxieties?

Do you question if you are the best parent for your child?

Would you love to understand how to reduce the meltdowns that your child has?

Are you emotionally drained from all the sleepless nights?

Do you worry about the affect home life is having on other siblings?

Would you like to know how to best manage the negative comments of others?

Do you want practical solutions to managing tricky behaviour?

Do you want clear advice that will make a real difference right away to the quality of family life?

Would you like to know how to get school to be more supportive?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then chances are you are a parent, carer or loved one of an anxious or autistic child.

You will have spent many a time sitting on the floor with your hysterical child thinking everyone is watching wishing the world would swallow you up.

Constantly feeling like everyone’s judging you because your child is, quite frankly, acting like a brat and you are failing to do anything about it.

Chances are every day you feel useless and heartbroken because you are unable to console your child, unable to take their distress away.

You are not alone!

I understand this so well because I too have been there, felt that way and have got the t-shirt. In fact I have a wardrobe full of them. 

There was even a time that I was embarrassed by my children’s behaviour. They behaved differently than other children… acting out, showing defiance, crying, clinging, refusing to interact with others…the list goes on and on.

It was a very long and lonely journey that our family went on before we found the answers to the above questions.

The behaviours and actions of my children were not a result of our parenting or a result of their poor choices.

It is not their fault nor our fault as parents, they have autism and associated anxiety. It is part of who they are and a part of who they will always will be.

Trying to “fix” my children is an unreasonable thought, they are not broken nor damaged and therefore require no fixing.

What I need to learn was how I could change the environment to best meet their needs and in turn better meet the needs of our family as a whole.


This has been an epic learning journey with over 8 years of learning, the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing and there are many things I wish I would have known in the early days and many things I wish I could have done differently.

Parenting is not easy, so relax and know that as an AIW VIP member you will have a friendly ear to talk you through those tricky moments.  

                                                                       VIP MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR NEW MEMBERS

If you would like to join during the next new members event please email and we will add you to the list, we keep numbers limited to make sure that everyone is treated like a VIP. 

VIP Membership area is also suitable for teachers, support staff and those who support children in after school activities. If you care enough to want to support a child to be the best version of them self you are more than welcome here.  

Helping you to unpick, is it negative behaviour or is your child communicating that something is wrong?

Giving you the tools to build your child’s confidence levels and supporting them to find their smile amongst their worries. 

This area is  jam-packed with resources that have been designed to help with growth mindset and encourage positive mental health. 

Resources to support the positive wellbeing of children as well as regular videos providing helpful tips and advice to reduce the stresses of family life. 

There are FREE mini-courses on topics like how to write good social stories, developing emotional intelligence and positive mental health. 

This area is the place where you can get FREE printable resources.

You will get extra value with the occasional guest posts from professionals such as Speech and language therapists and Occupational therapists.

Access to a closed Facebook group where I will be holding live monthly question and answer sessions.  Don’t worry if Facebook is not your thing, you can ask your questions in the membership area and I will post the Facebook video in the private VIP Members area for you to access.

When situations arise that you would like a quick bit of advice or support with just ask, that’s what we are here for. 

That’s not all

Exclusive member discount on all new downloadable products that are placed in our shop. 

Access to our most popular downloads for FREE.

For those local to Milton Keynes, you will get exclusive invites to use our brand new state of the art Wellbeing Sensory Room. 

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and join us.

Please don’t underestimate the feeling of relief that you and your family will feel once you have the right support in place. 

There are two ways you can gain access to this amazing group.

1- Get 12 months access to this group is included when you purchase our online Post ASD Diagnosis course.

2 – Via a monthly subscription of £9.99 per month you can cancel at any time. Save 58% with a years subscription for £50

                                                                VIP MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR NEW MEMBERS  If you would like to join during the next new members event please email and we will add you to the list, we keep numbers limited to make sure that everyone is treated like a VIP. 


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