Support For Individuals, Families, & Schools

Autism Support in Milton Keynes provided by AIW Consultancy.


A variety of training that includes understanding autism, sensory processing disorder and its impact on daily life both at home and school.


Wellbeing sessions delivered by AIW Consultancy provide a range of relaxation techniques to help children & adults manage stress, anxiety and anger whilst building their self-esteem and confidence.


We provide consultancy autism support services for families and schools that are tailored to the specific needs of each child, family and school.

Hello! I’m Cheryl

Autism & Wellbeing Consultant

Cheryl is extremely well qualified to provide this service. She is currently studying a BA (Honours) in Special Educational Needs as a way to stay up to date on the latest research and practice. She has over 8 years of experience working with autistic individuals aged 2 – 16 across a variety of settings such as homes, specialist schools, mainstream schools and in the community. She has experience of using a variety of interventions to help get the best results based on the individual’s needs such as TEACCH, TACPAC, PECS and the SCERTS framework. Cheryl has completed various training in the field of Child wellbeing including Mindfulness, Relax Kids and has developed her own wellbeing programme called Confident Kids.

Hello! I’m Sarah

Company Secretary & Wellbeing Consultant

Sarah has many years experience working in childcare and her background prior to this was in Human Resources.  She has a level 3 Diploma in Childcare and is currently studying BSc (Honours) Psychology.  Sarah has completed various training in the field of child wellbeing, including mindfulness and kids yoga.  Sarah will probably be the first person you will speak to when you make contact with AIW Consultancy.  

Our Approach & Values

We help square pegs fit into round holes by cherishing and valuing the square pegs whilst expanding the round holes until they fit.

Cheryl has completed the advanced SCERTS® training and is able to offer comprehensive SCERTS® assessments and uses the SCERTS® Model to provide children and families with the best possible experience.

SCERTS® is an innovative educational model for working with autistic children and their families. It provides specific guidelines for helping a child become a competent and confident social communicator while preventing problem behaviours that interfere with learning and the development of relationships. It also is designed to help families, educators and therapists work cooperatively as a team, in a carefully coordinated manner, to maximize progress in supporting a child.

"Cheryl was very helpful when we received a DLA application for our son. She helped us write a letter about the extra support our son needed and helped word the DLA application. I would highly recommend her."

Nikki Hanshaw

"Cheryl is a great source of knowledge. She helped me understand that every child is different, what triggers to look out for, how to simplify instructions, how to engage children in activities. In fact give me the confidence to put all this into practice every day at school. Her ideas change the way you think and work. Keep it up Cheryl it really works!"

Anita Bancroft

"Cheryl has been there in hours of need, offering absolutely invaluable support for us, our son and his school when we have truly needed dedicated support. Chezzy offers a tailored support system which is programmed for your child not matter where they are on the spectrum. Knowing you are there for us means so much, thank you!!"

Adam Bellinger


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